Michelle and Farmbelly took a birthday surprise to the next level! Michelle did a private cooking class for my boyfriend and I in Santa Barbara, and it was such a special evening. She personally shopped at the local farmers market and set up a full table for an in-home cooking class. She taught us knife skills (super important!),followed by how to make: a Farmers market green salad, a Roasted Butternut Squash Soup and a Lemon-Thyme Toast Chicken over Root Vegetables. For dessert, she taught us how to make (vegan!) Avocado Chocolate Mousse topped with Toasted Pistachios and whipped coconut cream. She was attentive, patient, skilled, and most of all passionate about food, farming and teaching. Michelle and the Farmbelly Cooking School will make your evening one to never forget!
— Karis M.
Our Farmbelly cooking class was wonderful! Michelle is an outstanding and very knowledgeable teacher who created a fun, relaxing environment for us to learn and cook in. She was incredibly patient with our group as we attempted to master our newfound techniques in the Knife Skills 101 class. The lesson has certainly made a difference and increased my cooking confidence at home. Knowing how to properly dice an onion, mince garlic, and chop herbs are invaluable skills that I now have thanks to Michelle! The healthy recipes were absolutely delicious and I’ve enjoyed making them again in my own kitchen. I highly recommend Michelle’s Farmbelly Cooking Classes!
— Pam O.
I had the the privilege of taking a knife skills class from Michelle a few months ago. Michelle’s passion for food and where her food comes from is inspiring. If you want to start eating more locally sourced foods and learn how to make delicious dishes with your newly acquired fresh and local produce, Farmbelly is the place to go! From working closely with local farmers and her impressive culinary training, Michelle has a wealth of knowledge to share. Michelle is a great teacher who will make you feel comfortable in your kitchen. You will leave her class with impressive but “easy” recipes to use again and again and tips to make you a better cook. I love how Michelle comes to your own house to teach the classes. It makes the experience so much more authentic and realistic than other cooking classes I have been to. I highly recommend Michelle’s Farmbelly cooking classes!
— Julia A.
What a fun evening of learning, eating and laughing at our Farmbelly Knife Skills dinner class! Chef Michelle is passionate and knowledgeable about cooking and food. She is very organized and is an excellent teacher, explaining clearly and patiently, and creates a fun and encouraging environment. I’ve continued to use and practice and enjoy the cutting techniques and tips I learned at out class. Our menu was amazing, we made the fresh Green Salad and Homemade Vinaigrette, Butternut Squash, Leek, and Apple Soup, and the Roasted Chicken with Root Vegetables. Every recipe was so delicious. It was a wonderful experience!
— Marianne A.
Living in a small studio apartment in New York City with barely a kitchen to speak of, I can hardly call myself much of a cook. Farmbelly was the first cooking class I have ever taken and I absolutely loved it! Michelle is great with beginners and explains things clearly so it’s easy to follow. Since the class, I have successfully recreated her Butternut Squash, Leek, and Apple soup and still find myself using some of her knife tips and techniques. Delicious, wholesome recipes and fun, encouraging atmosphere! The class definitely made me more confident in my ability and motivated me to start cooking more. Thank you Michelle!
— Katherine O.
I was lucky to have taken a knife-skills class with Michelle a couple summers ago. Michelle’s happy spirit and positive enthusiasm make these classes fun and meaningful! She was able to teach me some very useful cooking skills that have made my cooking experiences so much more efficient, like flawlessly cutting an onion. I am still making her famous gazpacho recipe regularly!
— Courtney M.
Engaging and fun, our cooking class was an excellent balance of personal instruction and group interaction. I left with several yummy recipes, more confidence handling large knives and a full belly! I highly recommend this class!
— Lauren R.